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Smooth Ambler "Old Scout" Single Barrel 10 Year

Every Bourbon review blog I've ever read the first review is always, without fail, a Bourbon out of Kentucky. Normally, rightfully so, since it is the birthplace of the nectar of the God's. I wanted to start with a personal favorite of mine for a bourbon outside of Kentucky, Smooth Ambler Old Scout (SAOS).

Their distillery, Smooth Ambler Spirits, is located in Maxwelton, West Virginia. While it gets some negative rep due to being sourced out of Lawrenceburg, Indiana by MGP, it's some damn good juice.

Smooth Ambler has a few different offerings with their Old Scout line all being sourced. This sourced whiskey has quite a cult following, with many stores having had "store picks", which are a hit and highly sought after. This has led to quite a bit of flipping for massive profits on the best picks.

Without further ado, Smooth Ambler Old Scout:

Age: 10 years

Proof: 101.2

Bottled: 1/13/17

Barrel: 3834

Bottled By: Sarah

Price: $55


Lots of alcohol on the nose initially but quickly overcome by plenty of caramel, maple syrup, and brown sugar with hints of cinnamon and clove.

Score: 30/33


This baby packs a punch to the taste buds. All sorts of goodies: burnt caramel, black pepper, cinnamon, and a slight hint of vanilla. What I like best about this is that it doesn't overwhelm you with wood or oak like some 100+ proof bourbons do. Only very subtle notes.

Score: 32/33


Very long, the burnt caramel lingers. A heavy mouth feel. I do wish there would be more of a flavor profile on the finish that's typical of most cask strength bourbons, but that's my only real mark against the bourbon.

Score: 29/34


I'm a fan of this. Besides the lack of finish flavor, it's a great drink. Has lots of potential, excited to revisit this once it has had time to open up a bit. Must try for the price.

Final Score: 91/100





Drink lots of it.


If it's brown, it goes down.



Move closer to a quality package store.

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